D Avenue Nursery Opens For New Season!

It’s that time of year again: the Nursery will be re-opening its doors again on Wednesday March 1st, 2017 at 10 a.m. for the new season! Come on by and check out the new plant selections as well as the wide variety of gardening products and gifts on offer – we’ve got everything you need…

Ferns for Texture

Ferns are a great addition to any garden. They require little water and hold up to very cold winters and very hot summers. Their year round color and tall distinctive shape create an attractive contrast to traditional plantings. Cuttings from ferns added to flower arrangements are both affordable and attractive.

Buddah Likes Gardens

You never know what you might find in a zen garden. This Buddah looks very content in our shade garden.

Artichokes for Variety

Artichokes can add color, height, dimension and a free meal in your garden. These Northwest hardy plants return each year and will produce multiple heads on a mature plant. Use head for dinner or dry them for interesting floral arrangements.

Rock Rose for Variety

Choose your Rose Rose carefully, these plants start small but can become large hedges that bloom in late spring, early summer.  See them at the gate of Portalis, Chandler Square even the post office. A soft roundish bush with hundreds of bloom heads, choose white, pink, magenta, yellow to name some of the color varieties…