What’s New This Week


As promised we’ve got lots of new arrivals at the Nursery this week, as well as some great sales going on.

Current Sales: don’t miss these Summer-steals.   Begonias, baskets and selected annuals are 50% off, while our remaining roses are still at 25% off.  Come get yours now, before they sell out!

WE HAVE HOUSE PLANTS!  You asked and we delivered: yep, we now stock houseplants at D Ave!  A great selection awaits you so make sure you get down here and check them out.

Rally Your School Spirit: what better way to show your support for our local Anacortes teams than by creating a flower display in their colors?!  We’ve got a variety of purple and white blooms for you, including Asters, Veronicas, Salvias, winter pansies and even some kale – get creative and make sure to tag D Avenue Nursery in your garden “after” pictures on Facebook!

Beautiful purple Asters.
Support our school teams with a fun purple and white floral display







Chrysanthemums: if you’ve been searching for the perfect addition to your front porch or patio, we’ve got you covered: a “patio-pot” of chrysanthemums!  We have 4 colors available and they are just beginning to bloom, so come grab yours now to add that finishing touch to your home.

Eucalyptus & Local Fig Trees: this tender-perennial is a great addition to your garden, and clocking in at approximately 3ft in height can even be added to your houseplant collection in winter.  If you’re looking for something a little different, why not grab one of our new Olympian Fig trees?  These cuties are more shrub-like than full trees, and are perfect for our Northwest climate.

Heucheras (“Coral Bell”): we’ve had so many people admiring our wall planters at the Nursery and the main component is Heucheras.  We have lots of them in all different colors, so the only question is what combination will you choose?

Heucheras (otherwise known as “coral bell”) make a great addition to your wall planters.

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