Caring for Conifers


They might be synonymous with Winter but did you know, conifers actually love to be planted in the Fall?!  So if you’ve always fancied having your own evergreen tree or shrub, keep reading for some top tips on how to plant, grow, and maintain conifers.

Conifers are trees or shrubs that produce cones and have needle-shaped leaves.  Although most are evergreen (keeping their needles year-round), some such as the dawn cypress and larch are actually deciduous losing their needles in the Fall.  Conifers come in many shapes and sizes making them a perfect addition to any yard, garden or porch setting.

They like to be planted in early Spring or Fall and (top tip) make sure you opt for a grey or drizzly day to do your planting; conifers can lose moisture quickly on dry or hot days.  They will need to be watered regularly for several months after planting until the roots are established.  You’ll want to check the soil every few days initially as they can dry out faster than expected.  Mulching is also highly recommended for maintaining conifers as they like cooler soil temperatures, but make sure to leave a gap around the trunk; mulch in contact with the conifer trunk can encourage rot.

You can check out the following article from New York Botanical Garden’s website for lots more information and tips on conifers here:

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