Top Plant Picks of 2019

February has brought the snow with it here in Washington, just as you may have been thinking Spring was coming early!  It is on it’s way though so to get you in the mood and inspire you, here are some of the trendiest plants for 2019 (voted this year’s National Plant of the Year award winners):

Top Plants of 2019 (from the National Plant of the Year Awards):

  • Lemon Coral (sedum) – This colorful annual is a perfect addition for hanging baskets, containers and beds, giving a unique texture and contrast.  Easy to grow, this bright succulent will top out at about 10″ tall and 14″ wide.
  • ‘Berry Awesome’ Hibiscus – voted the top perennial of 2019, this gorgeous purple-pink flower will thrive in hot, humid and sunny locations.  Make sure to water it well and it will not only grow quickly, but will bloom from Summer all the way through Fall!
  • Aronia shrub – this little shrub will be a fun feature to add to your garden, going through distinct flowering, foliage, and berry seasons.  Growing to around 24″ tall and only 26″ wide, this compact shrub will do well in all but the deepest shady areas (but will give the best visual display when kept in full sun).
  • ‘Autumn Frost’ Hosta – a fantastic choice for a cold-weather plant, this gorgeous hosta will do well both in containers or in your yard.  Plant in shady locations and watch it come back year on year in spite of cold temps!
  • ‘Fire Light’ Hydrangea – hydrangeas were popular in 2018 and with so many varieties to choose from, why not?!  This particular one offers white flowers that will age to a deep, rich red throughout the season.  Growing up to 6′ tall, this would be a perfect choice for hedges or foundation planting.
  • ‘Sonic Bloom’ Weigela – crowned Flowering Shrub of the Year, this group of five blooming weigelas offers a range of colors from white to red, and will flower from peak Summer to the first frost.  Perfect for deer-resistant planting and low-maintenance, these re-blooming shrubs will reach up to 4-5′ tall and 4-5′ wide.

You can learn more about all these plants on National Plant of the Year’s website.




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