Top Gardening Trends of 2019

2019’s gardening trends are all about enjoying your green space, keeping things low-stress, and relaxing outdoors…we can definitely get behind those ideas!  Here’s a synopsis of 2019’s top top gardening trends and some tips for how to pull them off – which ones are you most excited to try?

  1. Keep it simple!  Low maintenance, easy-care gardening is top of the list in 2019, and with good reason: worrying about your garden getting messy or overrun can actually increase stress levels, undoing all the relaxing power that gardening can have!  This year, go for a simpler approach:
    • Include lots of perennials (that will come back each year).
    • Remove or reduce the number of “messy” trees or shrubs that drop leaves everywhere (unless they have an ecological benefit).
    • Consider installing an irrigation system to nix watering-worries.
    • Choose quality materials (such as paving stones, etc.) that won’t need to be cleaned constantly.
      This modern low-maintenance garden design incorporates decking and tiles to reduce the amount of lawn, and uses a variety of heights and textures in the plant choices to keep things interesting. Photo: Diaco’s Garden Nursery.

  2. Embrace relaxation.  Creating a more restful, mindful outdoor space is a big theme in 2019, and follows on easily from Point 1.  Here are some tips for how to encourage relaxation in your garden:
    • Include calming water features such as fountains, bird baths, or ponds in your outdoor space to promote tranquility.
    • Try adding outdoor speakers to easily evoke a zen-like vibe, and stringing up some lanterns, Edison lights or other diffused light sources makes for a subtle yet elegant touch when entertaining friends.
    • Invest in some quality garden furniture that will not only be comfortable but also usable for a variety of occasions.  Not only will you want to stay out there longer, you’ll use it more often too!
    • Add bird feeders to encourage birds to frequent your garden.  Watching their  activity will help focus and calm your mind.
      Zen garden water feature
      This zen-inspired water feature is a perfect addition to calm the mind while enjoying your garden. Photo: RenoGuide.
  3. Indoor Is In.  Particularly in urban environments, indoor gardening is becoming more and more popular, with new innovative ways of incorporating plants always popping up on Pinterest and Instagram.  Some points to keep in mind:
    • Pay attention to light sources, potential for pests, and heat/moisture requirements when choosing indoor plants.  Making sure you select the right plants for your space is crucial (and vice versa!).
    • Grow larger plants in floor pots to create height.
    • Incorporate trailing plants and vines in high places, such as cabinet tops, shelves, or ledges.
    • Breathe easy – experiment with toxin-reducing plants in the bedroom.
      Utilize planters, shelves and surfaces to showcase your plants, and go for a variety of colors and shapes of greenery for an eye-catching display. Photo:
  4. Feature Structures.  Focus on eye-catching structures in the garden will be a theme in 2019, but you don’t have to spend a ton on new sheds and storage buildings if you already have them!  Here are some DIY ways to give your structures a facelift:
    • Use salvaged materials (e.g. barnwood, old iron gates, corrugated iron sheets) to create a rustic shed, pool house or entrance to your garden.
    • Upgrade seldom-used structures into outdoor dining or party areas!
    • Allow landmarks in the surrounding area (e.g. unique trees, particular building styles, etc.) to inspire how you re-purpose existing structures.
    • Keep it simple – if you want to totally change up your look, there are plenty of pre-made kit structures available for reasonable prices.  New greenhouse, anyone?

      custom-shed-garden-shed-ron-beining_13067_photo Andrea Rugg
      This custom-shed from HSP Garden Building has a unique roof shape and lots of light. Photo: Andrea Rugg.
  5. Incorporate Quiet Spaces.  This one ties in with Point 2 (embracing relaxation), but more specifically relates to creating a peaceful location within your garden that you can escape to:
    • Choose an area of the yard/garden that is low activity and won’t require lots of people to move through it – corners, or areas farther away from the house are good options.
    • Incorporate comfortable, simple furniture but not too much – remember, this is your retreat, not a party space!
    • Use a trellis or pergola to mimic being enclosed (and more private).  Including trailing plants or flowers on it will work even better!
    • Keep colors neutral and incorporate lots of lush plants such as ferns and palms.
    • Include one or two gently scented flowers (e.g. Jasmine, lavender, orange trees) to evoke a calming, spa-like ambiance. 
      Trees create a secluded atmosphere while the low wall adds to the coziness of this quiet space. Photo: Jason Liske.
  6. Grow Your Own Food.  While this is not a new trend, home-grown food is experiencing a renaissance especially among the younger generation of gardeners.  And don’t worry, you don’t need a huge space for this one; in fact, you can generate a large yield of edible plants from just a few planter boxes:
    • Start with one or two pots on the porch – herbs are a good start for food-growing newbies.
    • Planters hung from eaves or in front of kitchen windows are a great option if you’re short on floor space.
    • Ornamental edibles are a perfect dual-function choice – they look great and you can take a cutting to add to your soup or salad!

      Lettuce & violas
      Mix lettuce and violas is a great way to make edible plants part of your garden displays! Photo: Christina Salwitz.

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