Top Pick: The “Unkillable” Sedum

Think you have a “black thumb” for plants?  Love to get started with your garden but as soon as summer hits realize you’re just too busy to water and prune all the things you planted?  New to gardening and want an easy, fail-safe plant to start off with?  Look no further, we’ve got the perfect plant for you: Proven Winners’ Lemon Coral Sedum.

This virtually unkillable plant can survive sun, shade, rain, drought, and everything in between.  And even better: it’s deer-resistant.  Yup, you read that all correctly…it’s basically your dream plant!  This fun succulent also has a unique shape and vibrant chartreuse color which looks good in planters, baskets, borders, or as a pop of color and texture in a bed.  It’s also perfectly sized, typically growing 3″-10″ high and spreading 10″-14″. 

Try some out in your garden this year and let us know how and where you like to grow it!

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