Veggie Starts Are In


Homegrown fruits and veggies are experiencing a massive resurgence in popularity, and we are all for it! Picking fresh vegetables straight from your garden is such a pleasurable experience, and with our range of veggies starts at D Avenue Nursery we can help you expand or start your kitchen garden today!

Stop by and check out our selection, we have a wide range of options from fruit and veg to herbs. And don’t be shy to ask for some guidance on what to plant with what: certain veggies really don’t like being planted next to one another, so if in doubt just ask one of our Nursery helpers and they can give you some advice (for more information on companion gardening, check out the link on our Resources page)!

We’ll see you at the Nursery, and in the meantime here’s an inspirational article on how to plant a gorgeous (and functional) kitchen garden – yum!

Photo: Good Full Life

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