Colorful Corydalis

If you’re looking for a vibrant show-stopper to add to your garden, look no further.  The stunning corydalis has incredibly vibrant blue flowers and it loves cooler summer climates so does particularly well here in the Pacific Northwest.

Corydalis is a rhizomatous plant, meaning it spreads via vine-like rhizomes under the soil.  It flowers from late spring to early summer and, although it often goes dormant during summer months, may extend its flowering season if the temperatures remain cool.  It often re-blooms in late summer to early fall so you’ll get a double-hit of its gorgeous blue color!

This shade-loving perennial does best in rich, moist (but well-drained) soils making it a perfect choice for rock gardens or ground cover.  It prefers more alkaline soil, so if the soil in your chosen area is more acidic just add a little lime before planting (try one of our Saturday Lime® products).  Make sure you keep it well watered during its growing season but allow soil to dry out in winter – overly wet soil during the winter can be fatal to corydalis.

Stop by D Avenue Nursery and grab yours before we sell out – these beauties are going to go fast!

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