Lovely Lavender

Lavender is a classic favorite with its delicate purple flowers and relaxing scent.  We’ve got some gorgeous varieties available at D Avenue Nursery but one of our favorites has to be French lace, or fern leaf, lavender (Lavandula multifida).

This variety is highly aromatic and reblooms yearly making it a great low-maintenance choice for bringing a colorful, showy element to rock gardens, borders, patio planters, herb gardens or beds.  They also work beautifully when dried as additions to bouquets or indoors as their fragrance will last for a long time, but this variety is not recommended for human consumption.  (Note: ask one of our lovely Nursery helpers if you are looking for culinary-grade lavender, we can help you out!)

Lavandula multifida’s bluish-purple flowers bloom between June and September.  They prefer full sun to partial shade with good drainage (especially in winter when roots can be susceptible to rot), but tolerates moisture better than many other lavender varieties.  In spite of it’s rather delicate appearance, this is a showstopper growing up to 3 feet tall! Stop in and grab yours today!

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