Martha Washington Geraniums


These show-stoppers are a firm favorite and we just got a bunch more in stock! Martha Washington geraniums (Pelargonium x domesticum) do best during the cooler early-spring, preferring warm days and cool nights.  Their ruffled, velvet-like petals and vibrant colors make them great additions to borders, beds, or as gifts for seasonal holidays such as Easter or Mother’s Day.

Martha Washington’s like rich, well-drained soil.  For bed planting, space geraniums 8-12 inches apart in a location that receives direct sun but will shade them from the hotter afternoon sun.  If planting in containers, choose a soil-less potting mix that is designed for container planting rather than generic soil (this will allow proper drainage for the plants), and opt for a pot that is at least 8″ in diameter and has drainage holes.

Don’t over-water these beauties as their roots are prone to rot.  If you want to fertilize, opt for a low-nitrogen fertilizer or one that is more potassium-rich (such as those developed for vegetables).  Trimming or dead-heading spent blooms will encourage the plant to produce more flowers and help reduce likelihood of disease.

The variety of bright colors and showy floral pattern of these geraniums makes them the perfect choice as a gift, so stop by today and grab yourself everything you need to pot some up and give them as a hostess gift, Mother’s Day present, or just to brighten up your spring!

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