Deer-Resistant Plants


“Will the deer eat this?!” One of our most-asked questions at D Avenue Nursery: yup, although we live in a beautiful place sometimes its residents can get a little pesky. But don’t be disheartened – there are plenty of plants and flowers that won’t be food for the next deer wandering through your garden!

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite deer-resistant plants below – and don’t forget to look for “I’m deer resistant” signs in select plants when shopping at the Nursery. And if you need protection for your existing plants, head into the hut and check out our selection of natural animal repellents – we have a great selection!

  • Boxwoods – These classic evergreens are a perfect choice for a deer-resistant garden. Their glossy foliage is well suited to pruning and they come in many shapes and sizes making them ideal for hedges, borders or decorative topiaries. The strong scent of the plant seems to repel the deer.
  • Day Lilies – These beauties are naturally deer-resistant and luckily for you we have some gorgeous varieties available at the Nursery! One of our faves (and perfect for Memorial Day weekend) is Hemerocallis “Eye on America”, a yellow and maroon stunner.
  • Lewisia (Bitter Root) – This pretty little flower is a perfect choice for rock gardens or container planting and low maintenance once you get it planted. This Northwest native will not only bring a beautiful pop to your rock gardens but will also remain untouched by those pesky deer!
  • Heavenly BambooNandina domestica is a good deer-resistant choice for borders. This evergreen plant has bright green leaves which will turn a rosy red in Fall. Plant lots of these together to create a screening effect in your garden or to screen your home off from the road!
  • Juniper – The strong fragrance of the juniper is off-putting to the sensitive noses of deer. These shrubs are members of the cypress family and come in many different heights and forms, making it easy to find the right one for your space whether you need groundcover or low shrubberies.
  • Strong-smelling herbs – As in the case of juniper, strong scents like lavender, sage, rosemary, mint and chives are a natural deer repellents, so one way to help reduce deer nibbling is to intersperse these plants in your garden. And bonus: you’ll end up with a beautiful herb selection to use in your kitchen!

Cover photo: Maritza Gutierrez

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jan Hadley says:

    I have long used nandina in my landscapes as they are lovely looking plants, however it has just recently come to light that the berries of nandina are toxic to birds (per studies from the Audubon Society). In view of their findings I definitely would NOT recommend the use of nandina AT ALL. There are many other plants to choose that are non toxic to our avian friends.


    1. kmaciver88 says:

      Hi Jan, thanks so much for pointing that out we definitely don’t want to harm our bird friends or any other animals!


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