Spotlight on Products


D Avenue Nursery is more than just a plant nursery. We also carry a wide array of soils, pots, fertilizers, pest control methods, plant hangers, accessories/gifts, and lots more! Here are just some of the latest items we have in stock at the Nursery.

Pots & Planters

We have a gorgeous array of pots and planters for sale, from something to put that cute little succulent in to large statement planters for your business. Stop by or call to check out our current selection of sizes, styles and colors.

Down To Earth™ All Natural Fertilizers

These all-natural fertilizers are premium quality and organic, and with their vintage-style packaging their products also make great gifts for your favorite gardening enthusiasts! We currently stock several of their products including: Liquid Bloom™ 2-6-4, Citrus Mix 6-3-3, Azomite Powder, Fish Bone Meal 3-16-0, and Blood Meal 12-0-0.

Dr. Earth® Pesticides

We have carried Dr. Earth® products for a while; our latest addition is their Final Stop® Disease Control Fungicide. The ingredients in this people and pet safe fungicide are each designed to do different things while functioning synergistically, with outstanding results immediately and for several weeks after treatment. 24-oz ready-to-use spray bottles and 24-oz concentrate bottles are available at the Nursery.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Remember those cool woven plant hangers made out of rope? Well we have some awesome ones for sale at the Nursery! Various colors, driftwood accents – come check out our unique selection today, all one of a kind and handmade. (Prices vary depending on style.)

Metal Wall & Garden Art

We have a beautiful variety of locally made metal wall art and yard art pieces for sale at D Avenue Nursery. Stop by today to see our current selection and find the perfect piece to give your garden that extra ‘something’ this Summer!

Encap Lawn and Garden Products

Do you struggle with the soil in your garden? Never fear: we’ve got Encap mineral soil solutions products available now at D Avenue Nursery! These products are safe, effective and fast-acting so you can get the most out of your garden while still being conscious of the environment. Our current inventory includes: Fast Acting Iron™, Fast Acting Gypsum™, Fast Acting Lime™ and Fast Acting Sulfur™. So whatever your problem is (yellowing leaves, acidic soil, alkaline soil) we’ve got you covered!

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