Crazy For Clethra!

Clethra alnifolia, also known as summersweet or sweet pepperbush, is deciduous shrub typically found in wet or swampy areas. Clethra has gorgeous white or pinky-purple flowers (depending on the variety) that bloom now, in the height of Summer, and is known for the beautiful fragrant scent of its flowers.

This East Coast native has naturalized well here in the Northwest and is wonderful for attracting pollinators such as birds and butterflies. Clethra are also low maintenance shrubs and make a perfect choice for that damp, shady corner of your garden, as they love part-shade and can tolerant full shade well too!

Clethra will make a gorgeous addition to plantings near a patio or outdoor entertaining space where you can enjoy their fragrance; en-mass to create a hedge planting; or by water features such as ponds and rivers. Stop by and check out the varieties of this beautiful shrub we have in stock at D Avenue Nursery: “Hummingbird”, “Vanilla Spice”, and “Sixteen Candles”!

Photo: Bluestone Perennials

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