Gardening Trends 2020

Welcome to the new year! 2020 promises to be an exciting year and decade for us all, so to get you thinking about your garden for this year here are some of the top gardening trends listed for 2020:

Vertical gardening is just one of this year’s top trends, and we can see why.

Working With Smaller Spaces – With more and more people living in condos, apartments and tiny homes solutions that allow for some greenery in minimal space are hot! Vertical gardening is set to become a big trend this year, using wall space and things like wall-vases and window boxes to bring the outside to even the smallest of homes. Check out these ideas from Capital Gardens’ website.

Tech Savvy – We’ve all been there: you’re rushing around making lunches, feeding the dog, making sure you’re not late for that meeting, and getting your kids out the door for school – no wonder you forgot to water the plants. Again. Never fear: there’s an app for that! This year tech-savvy trends such as self-watering pots, grow-lights for houseplants, light meters that regulate the amount of light your plants get via an app on your phone make taking care of your plants a breeze. And with gardening becoming popular among younger generations this is one trend that’s likely to keep expanding. Check out this list of technological innovations for gardeners!

Low Maintenance – This is one trend that shows no sign of going anywhere! This year particularly will see a greater move towards plantings that require little or no fertilizer, trimming and/or watering; are disease- and/or pest-resistant; and that will result in a great-looking garden year round. Some great low-maintenance plant options include: shrubs, evergreen rhododendrons, ornamental grasses, sedums, and herbs.

Evergreen rhododendrons make a great low-maintenance option that look great throughout the year.

Sustainability – More conscious gardening is becoming much more mainstream, particularly when it comes to things like implementing a composting system, using natural pest control methods, and supporting local pollinators. One big trend for this year, especially with tightening restrictions on recycling, is home-composting. Check out Garden Design’s great beginner’s article on how to start composting.

Re-purposing – This one follows on from sustainability. With more people becoming aware of the cost of consumer purchases, packaging and shipping, do-it-yourself options and re-purposing of old or unused materials is set to become a popular option in 2020. Old household items, broken garden decor and even vintage doors can all be upcycled to add beautiful design elements to your garden! Here are a few options from Balcony Garden Web.

A simple Google search will give you lots of inspiration for upcycling ideas for any garden, like this selection from Pinterest!

Working Double-Time – In keeping with the low maintenance theme, opting for plants that perform multiple functions is one of the growing trends in the gardening world. Consider combining shade with a beautiful fragrance, or color with great flowers for pollinators. There are lots of ways to pick plants that fulfill a variety of tasks that would make most sense in your garden.

Edibles – Growing your own food is becoming more and more popular, particularly among the younger generation who are driving the sustainability movement. And don’t be put off by thinking you don’t have enough space for a full veggie garden: window box herb gardens, tomato plants, or fruit trees strategically positioned are all easy ways to grow a produce without a huge amount of space.

Houseplants & Succulents – Yet another trend that’s not going anywhere, the growing number of houseplant sales just keep rising. With the huge increase in young gardeners, many of whom do not have space for a large yard or garden, houseplant sales are counting to boom. Succulents are one example: they’re a perfect way to add some life to your house without much too work, and they can also be a fun design feature in small spaces! Mix and match a few of varying colors and shapes for a simply stunning succulent garden display.

Creating succulent gardens like this one is an inexpensive, easy way to bring the outside in, and bonus: they require barely any upkeep!

Focus on Wildlife – Thankfully the push towards ecologically conscious and sustainable gardening is growing! This year, why not put some extra thought into the plants and trees you select with a view to provide habitat, food and cover for various forms of wildlife? For example, consider plants that are naturally pest resistant to reduce your use of repellents. Plant a few more hedges and ground cover plants to provide cover for small birds. Or look into what flowers attract local pollinators like bees. (Click the link for a great article on some top picks for bee-friendly plants!)

Photos: Capital Gardens,, Pinterest

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