Some Early Spring Bloomers

It might still feel a little chilly out there but we’re starting to see Spring plants and flowers popping up…and we’re excited!

To get you feeling inspired and to brighten up your Monday, here are a few of our favorite Spring blooming flowers:

  • Red-Flowering Currant (Ribes sanguineum): this deciduous shrub has something to offer year-round! It’s beautiful flower clusters in early Spring turn into pretty light blue berries and the leaves turn a gorgeous golden yellow in Fall and into early Winter. Red-flowering currant is a great option for pollinators, as they typically flower before many other plants are in bloom. These shrubs like well drained areas and can grow up to 7-10 feet tall.
Flowering currants are a great addition to your garden and provide year-round color and food for pollinators! Photo:
  • Hellebore (Helleborus spp): These are some of our absolute faves at the Nursery! Hellebores are also called Christmas roses or Lenten roses, and their delicate bell-shaped flowers definitely give them an ethereal quality! Yet they’re surprisingly hardy and are even able to withstand a light frost, making them a perfect early Spring addition to your garden, planters, porch arrangements or as hostess gifts for Easter brunches. Hellebores prefer shade with moist conditions, and typically grow to about 12-inches tall. They come in a wide variety of colors, from a dusty yellow to a deep, purplish-black.
A delicate pink variety of hellebores. Photo:
  • Snowdrop Anemone (Anemone nemorosa): These fun flowers are a great addition to any Spring garden and are an excellent groundcover option, bringing a bright pop of color and brightness to the garden. These flowers tolerate shade well in addition to full sun, but prefer moist, well-drained soil (so make sure to keep them out of areas that would accumulate standing water).
Add some Snowdrop Anemones as groundcover in your garden and enjoy their bright sunshine-y display! Photo: Gardener’

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