Plant Varieties

We have a wide range of plants available at D Avenue Nursery including veggie starts, ornamental shrubs, flowering plants, herbs, grasses, and lots more!  For inquiries on specific plant availability, please call us on (360) 293-8319.

Spring Picks:

  • Hellebores!  These beautiful early-bloomers (also called “lenten roses” due to their rose-like flowers) typically last from February into late May.  As perennials, hellebores continue to bloom for several years if well kept (and thankfully they are easy to grow!).  They prefer partial shade and like rich, moist, but well-draining soil.  We have several gorgeous varieties of this flower available now, but one of our favorites is Winter Jewel® Fire & Ice: with double white blossoms tinged with vibrant pink, this one is a show-stopper!  Come by and see this and all our other new arrivals!  (For more info on Helleborus care, check out this article.)


  • Annuals. We now have lots of beautiful annuals in stock so head down to  D Avenue Nursery to see our full range.
  • Rhododendrons & Azaleas.  Spring is the perfect time to plant these stunning shrubs and we happen to have some gorgeous examples in stock – see them for yourself at the Nursery!
  • Herbs.  We have an extensive selection of common and more unusual herbs for purchase – pick up something different today!