“I live in Anacortes and we so love that you bought the nursery. You inspire us to be better gardeners and love what you have done with the nursery. It is a fun place to visit now.” – Marla S.

“D Avenue Nursery is a lovely destination, field trip with the grand kids, or just a stop in when I need my fix to “plant something in the ground.” They have the unusual plantings but also the tried and true. We are one step ahead of the deer here at our place, and the gals there help with those suggestions. From elegant peonies to good ole sedums, D Avenue Nursery is a fun stop. Hey, and the music is always playing softly in the background. Like I say, LOVELY.” – Joni B.

“My husband and I had a wonderful visit to D Avenue Nursery today. Our questions were answered, plant suggestions were given to us and we left with just what we needed. I appreciated the help and time we were given. We will definitely shop there again!” – MJ D.